2. Condo Inspections - Same as Home

3. Foreclosure Inspections - Same as Home

4. Drive-By Inspections - Simple exterior
assessment report of the property with some

5. New Construction Inspections - Same as
Home with the inclusion of a Punch List (a
to-do list of items that the builder must
correct and/or complete to the satisfaction of
the homeowner prior to finalizing final
contract payments)

6. 3 & 4 Point Inspections - Required by
insurance companies. Certifies the age,
condition and estimated life expectancy of the
HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and Roof systems.
A 3 point inspection excludes the plumbing.

7. Wind Mitigation - A way to get a discount
from your Home Owners Insurance Company
by conducting an inspection of all the wind
resistance features of your property (i.e.
storm shutters, truss straps, plywood deck

8. Termite Inspections - Wood-destroying
organism report performed by Licensed
1. Residential Home Inspections - Visual inspection which
indicates the deficiencies of the Structural, Air Conditioning,
Plumbing, Electrical, Insulation, Roof, Exterior and Interior
elements of the property communicated in a report format with
digital photos.