foreclosure repairs
Certificate of use
Immediate Care Services:
-Inspection (Report with photos).
-Clear Driveways & walkways.
-Change entry door locks.
-Clean interior - Vacuum, dust,
mop & wash.
-One time Lawn Service - Mow,
replace sod, add mulch and tree
-Board up windows and/or install
-Removal and disposal of trash
and debris left behind.
-Take abandoned pets to shelter.

Non-Immediate Care Services:
-Initial Inspection (Report with photos ).
-Estimate of repairs. (Report)
-Re-establish power & water services.
-Exterior Repairs - Asphalt driveway, fences, railings,
steps, pavers, pool & spa, sprinkler, roofing, fascias,
gutters, stucco, painting and rough carpentry.
-Interior Repairs - Cabinetry, doors, windows, hardware,
drywall, ceiling, flooring, painting, HVAC, plumbing, alarm
and electrical.
-Appliance, electrical and plumbing fixture replacement.

On-going Services:
-Drive-by inspections - Monthly (Report with photos).
-Lawn Services - Bi-weekly or monthly.
-Pool & Spa Maintenance - Weekly or bi-weekly.
-Pest Control - Monthly.

Certificate of Use:
- Provide Architect / Engineer for Certification
- Submit a certified "Disclosure Of Findings Report"
- Process and Track C.U. thru Building Department
- Pay for C.U. & Obtain C.U. from Building Dept.
- Obtain Title Search (optional)